Modern Plastics Awards


Best Labeling Machine
Best Large Size Mould Maker (1000 tones and above)
Best Lubricant Technology
Best 3D Printing Exporter
Best Master Batches Manufacturer Award
Best Master Batches Trader
Best 3D Printing Machine Manufacture
Best Masterbatches Manufacturer in India
Best Measuring and Testing Equipment Award
Best 3D Printing Machinery
Best Medium Size Mould Maker (500 to 1000 Tones)
Best Motor Manufacture
Best Additives Manufactures
Best Mould Base Manufacture
Best Mould Exporter
Best Automated Factory
Best Mould Importer
Best Mould Maker
Best Automation Company
Best Mould Supplier
Best PET Machine Manufacture
Best Bag making Machine
Best PET Material Manufacture
Best Packaging Machine
Best Bio Plastics Company
Best Packaging Solutions Award
Best People Management Company Award
Best Bio Plastics Material
Best Performing Enterprise Award ( Turnover up to 100 crores)
Best Performing Enterprise Award (Turnover Above 100 Crores)
Best Biopolymers
Best Performing Enterprise Award (Turnover Above 500 Crores)
Best Performing Enterprise Award (Turnover Below 25 Crores)
Best Blow Moulding Innovation
Best Performing Students Award
Best Pipe Making Machine
Best Blow Moulding Machine
Best Pipe Processor
Best Plastics Stationery Manufactures
Best Blow Moulding Processor
Best Plastics and Polymers Collage Award of the Year
Best Printing Material
Best Blow Moulding Technology
Best Product of the Year
Best Professor Award of the Year
Best Blown Film Machine
Best Prototyping Company
Best Raw Material Manufacture in India
Best Blown Film Processor
Best Raw Material Supplier International
Best Raw Material Traders Domestic
Best Blown Moulding Technology
Best Recycled or up Cycled Product of the year
Best Recycler
Best Brush Making Company
Best Recycling Machine
Best Recycling Public Awareness Campaign of the Year
Best Brush Making Machine Company
Best Recycling or Material Recovery facility of the year
Best Robot Manufacture
Best CAD CAM Designer
Best SME Entrepreneurship
Best Service Company
Best CAD CAM Designing Company
Best Sheet & Profile Manufacture
Best Small Size Mould Maker (up to 500 tones)
Best CAD CAM Software
Best Solid Waste management Program in Public
Best Steel Material Manufactures
Best Chemical Material Manufacture
Best Student Achiever Award
Best Technical part
Best Chemical Supplier of the year
Best Temperature Controller
Best Testing Equipment
Best Corporate Enterprise
Best Thermoforming Machine Manufacture
Best Tooling Company
Best Cost effective product of the year
Best Waste management initiative by a private Organisation
Best Welding machine
Best Educational Institution Contributing to Plastics
Best Wire & Cable Manufacture
Best Wood Composite Manufacture
Best Embossing Machine
Best Writing Instrument Manufacture
Biggest Small Size Machine Manufactures ( up to 500 tones)
Best Employee Satisfaction Company
Biggest Large Size Machine Manufactures (Above 1000 tones)
Biggest Machine Brand in India
Best Energy Saving Machine
Biggest Medium Size Machine Manufactures (500 to 1000 tones)
Consistent in Innovation Award
Best Energy Saving Processor
Fast Growing Blow Moulding Processing Company
Fast Growing Blow Moulding Processing Company
Best Engineering Plastics
Fast Growing Brush Making Company
Fast Growing Education Institution of the Year
Best Exporter Award Large
Fastest Growing Plastic Processing Machinery Company
Fastest Growing Ancillaries Company
Best Exporter Award MSME
Fastest Growing Company (Diamond, Golden, Silver)
Fastest Growing Engineering Polymers
Best Exporter Award SME
Fastest Growing Entrepreneur - Processing
Fastest Growing Entrepreneur MSME
Best Extended producers responsibility (EPR) Company
Fastest Growing Entrepreneur SME
Fastest Growing Injection Moulding Company
Best Extended producers responsibility (EPR) Strategy
Fastest Growing Processing Company
Fastest Growing Raw Material Trader
Best Extrusion Machine Award
Independent recycling consultant
Independent recycling technology Operator
Best Extrusion Processor
Innovation in Conservation of Energy
Innovation in Creative Packaging
Best FRP Cooling Systems
Innovation in Green Initiative
Innovation in Plastics in Agriculture
Best Flexible Packaging Manufactures
Innovation in Recycling Technology
Innovative Blow Moulding Product
Best Flexible Printing Machine
Innovative Blown Film Product
Innovative Campaign of the Year (Small, Medium & Large)
Best Head of the Department Award of the Year
Innovative Dies & Moulds
Innovative Finished Processor
Best Hot Runner Manufacture in India
Innovative Finished Product
Innovative Plastics Processing Ancillary Equipment
Best Hot Runner Manufacturer of the Year
Innovative Plastics Processing Machinery
Innovative Plastics Product Design
Best Hot Runner Supplier in India
Innovative Product in Brush
Innovative Raw Material
Best Hot Runner System
Innovative Recycling Process & Technology
Innovative Use of Plastics in Health Care
Best Hot Runner Technology
Innovative Use of Plastics in Personal Care
Innovative Use of Polymer in Infrastructure
Best House Ware Manufactures (Diamond, Golden, Silver)
Largest Injection Moulding Processor
Largest Machine Exporter from India
Best Imported Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturer
Largest Machine Supplied in India in one location
Largest Machine Trader in India
Best Industrial Automation Award
Leadership excellence in Recycling
Life Time Achievement Award
Best Initiatives in E-waste Recycling
Outstanding Contribution Awards
PET Material Processor
Best Initiatives in Recycling - Non Bio Degradable
Social Impact Leader in Recycling
Social Value Initiative
Best Initiatives in Recycling Bio Degradable
Team of the Year
Women Leader in Recycling
Best Injection Moulding Machine Award
Woven Sack Machine Manufacture
Young Leader in Recycling (Under 35)
Best Injection Moulding Processor Award
Youngest Entrepreneur (Below 30 - Diamond, Golden, Silver)
Youngest Entrepreneur (Below 40 - Diamond, Golden, Silver)
Best Innovative Students Award
Youngest Entrepreneur (Below 50 - Diamond, Golden, Silver)
Youngest Hotrunner Company in India
Best Irrigation systems
Best Labeling CompanyBest Plastics and Polymers Professor
Best Plastics Technical InstitutesBest Student InnovatorBest Student Innovation
Best Student AwardBest Roto Molding MachineBest Roto Molding Materials
Best Roto Molding ProcessorBest Roto Molding ProductsBest Roto Molding Brand
Gear BoxExclusion Gear boxBest Heater Manufacturing
Best Decorative CompanyBest Adhesive Trader
Best Adhesive Manufacturer
Plastic SimulationStretch Blow MouldingInnovative Plastic Injection Molding Products.
Metal cuttingBest masterbatches and pigmentsBest Innovation Center
Industrial Wire MetalGraphite EDM ElectrodesBest sheet metal manufacturer
Best sheet metal traderBest Packaging MaterialLarge Size Blow Moulding Machine Manufacturer
Biggest Engineering Plastics TradersBest Brass MachinesBest Brass Components
Best Brass MetalBest Regional ExhibitionBest International Exhibition
Best National ExhibitionBest Poultry Equipment Manufacturer
Modern Plastics Awards

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